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This bundle includes

Absolver #1

Absolver #2

Absolver #3


 Both Heaven and Hell fear him, and they are right to do so.

Ceaser City is a town riddled with brutal criminals of all sorts, vigilantes trying to protect the innocent, and a legion of bloodthirsty demons from hell who have made its dark alleys their home on Earth. Absolver has been introduced into this wild jungle as a new predator, a wraith of vengeance coming from Oblivion, the realm between Heaven and Hell. A true menace to both the forces of good and evil, Absolver is beyond any moral construct, exacting vengeance for any spirit that summons him. Unable to remember his past or anything about his identity from when he was alive, Absolver will be joined by another agent from Oblivion as they battle specters from hell, celestial beings, assassins, and more in this brutal story of horror and revenge.


Absolver Bundle Pack

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