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Pryme8 #0

Creator/Writer: Avery HazelwoodLine Artist: Rodrigo Pucheta

Colorist: Shamsudeen Idris

Letterer: Mason Solimine

Editor: Lonzo Starr


When a couple of crooked officers cross the line, Pryme8 shows them that consequences come for all, teaching them a lesson they'll never forget."



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DejaVu #0.jpg

DejaVu #0

Writer/Creator: JiReh Cecil
Line Artist: Jordan Silva
Cover Artist: Bruno Lima
Colorist: Stefanus “Arechwai”
Letterer: JiReh Cecil
Editor: Tyanna Watts
Publisher: Konkret Comics

Issue 0 finds our story’s protagonist, Déjà Vu, with his back against the wall as he faces off against the deadly assassin known as Libra. When the Crown family was alerted of Libra’s arrival in Hudson City, Malcolm suits up for the first time as Déjà Vu. Malcolm has to draw on the strength of his family to have a shot at victory.

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Organic Crissy #0

Created by Cristina Elkins

written by Derek " Lonzo Starr" Allen

Line Art: Rodrigo Trindade

Colorist: Matheus Huve

Letters: Blak Hydra

Editor: Derek "Lonzo Starr" Allen

Co-Editor Amber "KOKO" Allen

Driven to change her ways and live a healthier life, Crissy becomes a world renowned fitness instructor and nutritionist. Pushing her body to the limits, she unlocked a unique code in her DNA, granting her super human abilities. Helping those in need and stopping those who want to harm the community.

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Tenoch #0

Created/Written by Daniel D. Calvo

Art by Serj D. Lima

Colors by Matheus Huve

Letters by Mason Solimine

Edits by Daniel D. Calvo

Co-Edits/Designs by Lonzo Starr

The Aztec God of fire summons his ancient soldiers back from the dead for one last battle.

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Watchman #1.5.tiff

Watchman 1.5

This series follows Tevin on his nightly patrols as The Watchman as he tries his best to keep this city safe at all cost, even if that means losing a piece of his humanity in the process. Will The Watchman stay vigilant or will he let the fool’s gold corrupt his judgement, morality, and ethical code.

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Kandake #0.tiff

Kandake #0

Created/Written by Onaji Rouse

Art by Rodrigo Trinidade

Colors by Matheus Huve

Letters by Mason Solimine

Edits by Daniel D. Calvo

Designs by Lonzo Starr

Born a hybrid, Amanirenas is one of the most famous warrior queens throughout Africa, set to expand her rule and take Egypt back from the Romans.

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