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Who Are We

Konkret Comics is a 2x Glyph Award Winning Publishing Company launched in 2019 by creator and writer Derek 'Lonzo Starr' Allen. Konkret Comics is a collective of artists, creators, and writers with a passion to create stories through a diverse lens that appeals to all audiences of all ages. There is a lack of diversity in the comic book industry and Konkret Comics plans to fill that void. We strive to break boundaries and stereotypes, giving a voice to creators from diverse backgrounds and telling our own stories. 


What We Do


Konkret Comics specializes in creating comic books in various mediums such as adventure, horror, sci-fi, and traditional superhero storytelling. Konkret Comics offers an array of products, including clothing, posters, trading cards, bookmarks, and action figures. We also provide services to independent creators seeking to produce their own comic books. Services include script writing, line art, coloring, lettering, story editing, world building, consulting, and distribution. Konkret Comics has proven that we can stand with the best in the comic book industry. Konkret Comics can be found in the top comic books shops in the United States, including Amalgam Comics and Coffee Shop and Black Star Collectibles.

Meet The Team

Our Mission


Our mission is to create stories through a diverse lens that appeals to all audiences, of all ages. Breaking boundaries, and stereotypes. Daring to be different.  


#Keep it Konkret

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