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Creator/Writer: Karla, a.k.a “JLK” Medrano

Artist/Colorist: Ian Sebastian



It is the year 10000.

Humans have migrated to other worlds.

The Heroes of Old Earth are long gone.

Still, the Universe has birthed a new generation of super humans, who are known as Energy Keepers. The Energy Keepers, along with the people of Planet Djoria, maintain the order, peace, and balance of all life.

Our story takes place on Planet Mahru, the home of millions of humans united under the rulership of Queen Luna. After a visit from a stranger from the future, Queen Luna discovers that she too is an Energy Keeper and that she is the only one who can save her world from a threat that can destroy all that she loves.


Luna #1 "The Awakening" (Variant Cover)

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