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This bundle includes

Akolyte #1

Akolyte #2

Akolyte #3

Akolyte #4

Akolyte #5 

Written by Derek “Lonzo Starr” Allen 


1x Glyph Award Winner

If you are looking for a cool action story with gorgeous visuals and fun dialogue, in the vein of the most classic superhero stories with a modern touch, then you just found your new favorite book! With influences that range from Dragonball, Star Wars and Man of Steel, Akolyte is an empowering story that calls for us to embrace our legacy and what makes us unique, and use that power in order to fulfill our destiny.


Demetri Price's life changed when he took an epic journey to the stars and discovered that he was the son of a Supreme, a race of cosmic beings of incalculable power who watched over the universe. After learning how to control his powers, he returns to Earth and becomes its greatest hero, clashing with the authorities and criminal bosses on the way. But all things will become more complicated when a squad of alien warriors land on his city, calling themselves the Children of Chaos, and demanding a strange artifact. Will Akolyte be able to defend his planet and discover the truth behind what the enemies are looking for?

Akolyte Digital Bundle

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