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3 Kickstarter Finds You Don't Want to Miss

The world of comics is much larger and far more diverse than Marvel and DC. While we could get lost in their worlds and talk about their characters for hours on end, these days I'm reading indie. Don't get me wrong. I love tuning in for all the Marvel productions, I'm curious about the James Gunn takeover at DC (plus, their animation is king). But...

If you're looking for fresh storytelling, genuine and nuanced diverse representation, and an overall satisfying reading experience that will stay with you long after the last page, keep reading. Indie is where it's at. More specifically, Kickstarter is the place to go. The all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform launched in 2009 as a way for artists to fund their creative endeavors in various forms of media.

Over the years, Kickstarter has evolved, allowing creatives to offer exclusive preorder incentives. From variant covers and recognition in the acknowledgments to collectible figurines, digital wallpaper, and apparel, supporting your favorite indies on Kickstarter offers an exclusive experience.

Browsing through the various Kickstarter campaigns can seem overwhelming at first, but here are three creators you don't want to miss.

1. Midnight Comics

Midnight Comics is a Black-owned, indie comic and manga company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Midnight Comics publishes titles that show marginalized characters from all different backgrounds. The founders and creators are a husband and wife team, Lloyd and Natasha Jones, who craft many stories that are suitable for the entire family to enjoy.

They currently have a Kickstarter campaign for The Grey, which also features issue 1 for another project, Admani. Both stories feature empowering, Black female leads.

The Grey is about experimental physicist, Shameka Day, who has a scientific breakthrough, creating miniature particle accelerators that create artificial black holes. Before she has a chance to do any good with the technology, her employee reveals plans to weaponize it. Now Shameka must recover her tech and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Admani, a fan favorite originally featured in Tales from Midnight, Issue 1, follows 17-year-old Fatima who discovers she has the ability to control fire. The story also addresses mental health, as the main character deals with anxiety and depression, along with her newfound abilities.

Support this campaign to dive into Midnight Comics' latest additions to their vast collection of diverse heroes. Preorder digital and physical copies of these titles now while the campaign is still active.

Check out the details of their campaign here and discover even more on their website at

2. MVJ Comics

MVJ Comics is founded by Marcus V. Jardim, Brazilian-American comic book writer and creator of the upcoming horror-action comic series Toussaint L'Ouverture: The Battle for New Orleans.

If you enjoy Marvel's Blade, The Walking Dead series, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, check out Jardim's Kickstarter campaign. His project promises positive Haitian representation, a diverse cast, and a historical New Orleans setting.

His campaign offers a variety of perks and features such as digital bundles with bonus content, special acknowledgment and more. Be sure to check out his full campaign here .

3. Konkret Comics

Keep it Konkret and save the date. This Friday, August 11, 2023, Konkret Comics is dropping an exciting new Kickstarter campaign introducing a brand new character to the science-fiction, action-adventure universe. If you enjoy dark and gritty vigilantes like The Punisher or Batman's Red Hood, you don't want to miss the debut of Pryme8 by creator Avery Hazelwood.

Subscribe to Konkret Comics website and Patreon for exclusive updates and content on this project and beyond.

Tune in to the latest episode of "Konkret Approved" for a special interview between Konkret Comic's founder Derek 'Lonzo Starr' Allen and Avery Hazelwood for more on Pryme8, and don't forget to support the campaign for this exciting new title, launching this Friday right here.

From powerful women in STEM and resurrected revolutionaries battling vampires in New Orleans, to the newest addition to the Konkret Comics' universe, you can't go wrong with these projects.

If you enjoy these Kickstarter recommendations and indie features, let me know! Tap the heart, comment, and spread the word to support these amazing indie creators and their works.


About Montrez, Contributor

Montrez is a sci-fi and fantasy author, a freelance editor, and blogger passionate about celebrating and amplifying BIPOC and indie voices in the bookish and blerd community.

Visit her website for more on her books and editing services at

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