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3 Important Reminders to Empower Your Inner Hero

Superheroes have captivated our imaginations for decades, showcasing their extraordinary abilities and incredible feats. But beyond their superhuman powers are valuable life lessons that speak to our everyday lives. Here are three important reminders to inspire your own real life adventures.

1. Character is What Makes a Hero

Power and special abilities are just the shiny accessories. When it comes down to why we love our favorite heroes, we fall in love with the characters—not their powers.

Think about it.

Many characters in superhero fiction have the same or very similar abilities. Think Flash and Quicksilver or Aquaman versus Submariner. Despite their similarities, their characters are distinct. We find ourselves more drawn to one than the other, or we connect with both in different ways. Character is that defining factor. It is why we prefer some heroes over others. It is also the difference between what makes a hero and a villain.

Apply that to real life.

Our talents and gifts, our set of special abilities are great , but our character is what truly defines us. It isn’t what we can do that makes us special, but who we are and who we choose to become.

Are you the hero or the villain in your life’s journey? In someone else’s life?

The choice is yours.

2. You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Make a Difference

One of the most powerful reminders superheroes convey is that you don't have to be flawless to make a positive impact. Every hero has a weakness. They have vulnerabilities and challenges, but they don’t let it stop them from helping others or making progress in their own personal growth and development.

Our past mistakes and our current predicaments are not the end of our story. Life is full of challenges, but like our favorite heroes, when we're at our lowest, when we're at our breaking point, we can choose to keep pushing forward to achieve great things for ourselves, our communities, and more.

Don't give up. Level up.

3. It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Superheroes are great at saving the world solo, but if the comics and movies have shown us anything, it’s that everyone needs help, sometimes. Asking for help doesn’t diminish our ability. It doesn’t make us weak.

Teaming up with the right people make us stronger. Superman has the Justice League. The X-Men never hesitate to call for back up. Even Batman has a found family of heroes to support him.

So next time you’re facing your personal apocalypse, or what feels like an infinity crisis, don’t try to be super on your own.

Assemble your team!

Bonus reminder: Remember that some of our favorite heroes don't even have superpowers. Everyone has a starting point. Some things take time. Some victories are won after trial and learning. You have value and you can make a difference right where you are with what you have. Don't focus on the obstacles. Think of the possibilities. Keep learning, keep growing, and don't give up.

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About Montrez, Contributor

Montrez is a sci-fi and fantasy author, a freelance editor, and blogger passionate about celebrating and amplifying BIPOC and indie voices in the bookish and blerd community.

Visit her website for more on her books and editing services at .

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