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Tenoch God of Fire #1: centuries ago, the gods ruled over the Aztec empire, with the god of fire, Tenoch, being their leader and guardian. After their civilization fell under the invasion of the Spanish colonizers, the deities went into hiding and lost most of their powers, becoming invisible to human eyes. In modern-day Mexico City, Tenoch goes through his days fighting ancient Mesoamerican monsters and drinking cheap tequila. But when he is approached by the goddess of death, Mictlantecutli, with the possibility of bringing back their ancient glory, he will be forced to battle unknown mystical forces and reconsider his place as a god in a world that has forgotten him.


Daniel D. Calvo – Writer and Creator.

Serj D’Lima - Penciller and Inker.

Matheus Huve - Colorist.

Mason Solimine – Letterer.

Tenoch #1

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