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On May 30, 2020, the creators of Konkret Comics and Team Party Nerdz went head to head to determine the top 10 most prolific moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hosted by King Curt at Head Nerds in Charge, this was an amusing and entertaining opportunity for relief amid our currently strenuous times as Americans. The friendship and comradery between these brilliant creators are put on full display as they debate what is arguably the greatest cinematic achievement of our lifetime. Keep it Konkret as we discuss some of the highlights below.

The cultural phenomenon that was the Black Panther film was mentioned quite often during this discussion. One moment that stood out for our favorite creators was the “I never freeze,” line spoken by Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa in the 2018 film. This line’s viral popularity as well as its cultural significance was why this line was chosen as the number 6 top moment of the franchise by Jermael, Konkret’s author of the Absolver comics. As this moment was debated, it was made clear exactly how impactful the Black Panther film was for many within the black community. This one line brilliantly sums up what it means to stand firm in the face of adversity and the ever-enduring strength of a culture that refuses to be moved.

Like a verbal sporting event, this live event moved forward with even more captivating moments. At one point, the host, King Curt exclaims, “he’s Steph Currying ya’ll from the half,” as Grandmaster Faqs presents a stunning pick for round 4. Onaji, the creator of the Odina comic series, however swoops through with the upset and wins the round with the discussion of the Yondu Funeral scene. This round was a perfect example of just how steep the competition was.

Another exciting moment occurred in Round 2 of the discussions. In this round, the Konkret audience contributed as the host reviewed the comments within the live chat. They all agreed with Lonzo, the CEO of Konkret Comics and the creator of The Legend of Akolyte, who took this round with the mention of the moment when Captain America wielded Thor’s hammer. All fans of the MCU know the significance of this moment as Thor is usually the only one deemed worthy of wielding the hammer, but Captain America being the MCU’s captain of moral aptitude effortlessly takes control of the weapon.

The number one moment from over 10 years of connected storytelling was Captain America’s “Avengers Assemble” which set off a pivotal moment of triumph within the Third Act of Avenger’s Endgame. The Konkret team found Cap’s less than enthusiastic command of the Avenger’s comics most popular line to be amusing. The host, King Curt, even hilariously compared the line to the Ying Yang twins’ 2005 hit song, Wait (The Whisper Song).

Tune into the Head Nerds in Charge Youtube page to witness this amazing live moment for yourselves and speak up in the comments to discuss your favorite moments from the MCU’s thrilling past decade of adventure.


J.E. Tyler is a five-time published fiction author and poet. He has also served as a contributing author for His Favor Magazine. Tyler's creative muscle has no bounds as he has written several different genres including adult drama, children's literature, romance, comedy, and science fiction. For more on Tyler's published work, visit the links below.

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