Konkret Conquers Kickstarter

In the words of John Maxwell, "Teamwork makes the dream work." On Monday, September 14th at noon, Konkret Comics launched its latest Kickstarter campaign to a rousing success. Thanks to a flood of support, the Kickstarter goal was reached in less than 4 hours. With a month’s worth of time still available on the fund-raising campaign, this Kickstarter is shaping up to be more of a movement than a moment. Aptly titled Genesis Year Two, this movement marks the beginning of a new era in comic storytelling. Its an era in which a team of Indie Comic creators can provide high-quality heroic faces to characters who look like you and me. 2020 has become a year for history-making movements, and Konkret’s Genesis campaign provides you an opportunity to take part in this new era. Do not stand by on the sidelines and allow history to pass you by. As the tagline proudly states, it’s time to “claim your origin.”

Not only do you have all your returning favorites such as Akolyte, Odina, and Absolver to look forward to, but to add even more icing to the cake, you’ll get to witness the birth of a new hero in Andy Starboy. Whether you’re in the mood for Akolyte’s cosmic tale of lineage and destiny, Odina’s potent punch of mythology and Women’s empowerment, Absolver’s dark and horrific dose of punishment in the midst of spiritual warfare or Andy Starboy’s brutal, action-packed alien adventures in the New Mexico desert, Konkret’s Issue Two’s provide more than enough content to feed all of your entertainment needs.

If you have not yet donated to this campaign, what are you waiting for? With so many supporters answering Konkret’s call, aren’t you even the least bit curious as to what you’re missing? There is still plenty of time left for you to place a bet on your favorite pantheon of heroes. Head on over to Kickstarter now and lay some serious Konkret on those donations. Pun intended! There are plenty of rewards for every level of donation, and exclusive Kickstarter covers which will never be available again. After you drop your donations, come back on over to the comment section and let us know how excited you are for your rewards. And as always, keep it Konkret!


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