DC Fandome's THE BATMAN Trailer

Not all clues are uncovered by daylight. A very special few require us to summon the Knight. A dark frame is made more bleak by the scratch of duct tape being stretched from the grip of strong adhesive. Crimson symbols mark the allegiance of WB and DC Comics. The dimly cast glow of lamp light reveals our threat. A barely visible figure unveils a freshly pulled line of duct tape from within the reach of his extended arms. The visual breaks as the tape is fully ripped into form. A shot which vanishes almost as suddenly as it appears provides a closer look at the mysteriously menacing figure. His entire face is masked by an unknown material which appears to be tightly fastened to his head by duct tape. He wears what appears to be goggles over his eyes. A winter coat and gloves conceal any identifying feature. Could this be the first look of our Riddler?

A suffocating breath ushers in the scene that follows. A man whose face has been horribly mummified by duct tape leans back against a leather chair. The seeping air of his eventual demise highlights the terror within his struggle. The camera closes in on his duct taped face and reveals the words, “No More Lies” written in red.

James Gordon, who is portrayed by Jeffrey Wright, enters a hallway surrounded by both uniformed and non-uniformed officers. We see the arms of the suffocated victim as officers probe the crime scene. With a flash light lifting towards the ceiling, Gordon appears to have an eye for mystery.

Black boots take strides across the floor. The word "LIES" is painted across a collage of newspaper headlines, one of which reads, “Don’s Done it Again.” It seems that Gotham’s penchant for political corruption has angered our assailant. A card which was certainly not manufactured by Hallmark gives us our next clue. The card reads, “Haven’t a Clue? Let’s Play a Game, just Me and You.” Two rows of what appears to hieroglyphic symbols underline this dastardly message.

Gotham PD continues to take photos and sort through the evidence as James Gordon seeks the meaning from the message’s intended recipient. Gordon holds up the card’s envelope, and it reads, “To the Batman.” The soundtrack squeals as our hero steps into view.

This is when we receive our first look of the signature black cowl, pointed ears and black eyes of the world’s greatest detective. The new bat symbol appears within the outline of what seems to be separate pieces locked into his chest plate. It is immediately clear that the previously revealed sneak peeks displayed only a pinch of what is special about Matt Reeve’s take on the Caped Crusader. While bathed in the film’s context, our Batman carries an epic glow.

This is only the introduction of The Batman’s first official trailer. For a film which has been confirmed to have only completed 25% of its filming, this full-length trailer is a pleasant surprise. The rest of the trailer gives us a tonally dark and exciting view of even more of Gotham city’s corrupt landscape. In addition to Gotham’s political unrest, fans are also treated to some of the city’s most infamous villains. In fact, one of the city’s most recognizable villains is nearly unrecognizable within Reeve’s standalone Batman Universe. Check out the photos below for more outstanding images from the first official trailer of The Batman.

The image on the right hand side is of Colin Farrell playing The Penguin. As you can see, both the actor and the character are intriguingly unrecognizable. Matt Reeves's take on the Penguin will provide a sort of origin story. This Penguin has not become the kingpin that we know him to be. In fact, Matt Reeves has said that the character hates being called Penguin.

Zoë Kravitz portrays Catwoman in The Batman. Like the penguin, she is not a fully-realized version of the Catwoman we've come to know and love. The suit is self-made with pointed edges along the crown of her ski mask to give the appearance of a feline's ears. If you're like me, you can't wait for next year to see this kitty grow into her own.

These unidentified henchman will take quite the beating from the Batman. Its hard to determine exactly whose henchman they are, but the suspense is enough to leave you thirsty for the film's 2021 release.

In the above still, the trailer gives us a beautiful rearview of the new Batmobile. Reeve's film will see a departure from the tank Batmobile which has become popular within the last few films and a return to the original muscle car of Batman's comic and live action origins.

And last but certainly not least, we have our Bruce Wayne. In the picture, Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne has just recently removed his cowl. He has black eye shadow around his eyes, which is accurate to the all-black Dark Knight seen in the earlier image. This image perfectly portrays the anger of a vigilante fueled by vengeance. He is a hero who seems just as dark and foreboding as the villains he faces. This film promises a journey into Bruce Wayne's mental breakdown that will surely be thrilling for all audiences.

Are you excited for the The Batman? If so, join in on the conversation in the comments, and as usual, Keep it Konkret!

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