Amanda Gorman and her Twintastic Sister

Famed and phenomenal poet, Amanda Gorman, stole the hearts of Americans during President Joe Biden’s Inaugural Celebration. The beautiful young woman approached the podium with poise while adorned in a sunshine jacket and candy apple head band. Her words effortlessly accentuated power, healing, and class; a feat which was only emphasized by her expert delivery. The sheer magnificence of Amanda’s accomplishment is made even more exceptional by the fact that she’s only 22-years-young. In fact, this young Queen has now set the record as the youngest poet to perform at any Presidential Inauguration in this country’s nearly 245-year history. As amazing as Amanda is, has been, and most likely always will be, there will be plenty of Gorman greatness to gift the world, because as many of you may not know, Amanda has an equally exceptional twin sister, Gabrielle Gorman.

The Gorman twins were born in Los Angeles, California. They were raised by their mother, Joan Woods who was a Sixth Grade English Teacher. As a child, both Amanda and Gabrielle struggled with a speech impediment. Neither of them could properly pronounce the letter, R. I know it is hard to believe that a young woman with Amanda's oratory grace ever struggled phonetically, but it is true. Their mother enrolled both girls in speech therapy, and their young struggles ultimately manifested to become their superpowers.

Both Gorman sisters have become activists who use their gifts in arts and communications to combat racism, anti-feminism, systemic oppression, and more. While Amanda Gorman became the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate, her sister, Gabrielle, has made waves alongside heavy hitters in the film and entertainment industry.

In October of 2019, Gabrielle directed the viral PSA #Vote4TheFuture in collaboration with her sister, Amanda. The PSA featured big names celebrities and entertainers such as Oprah Winfrey, Cara Delevingne, Mahershala Ali, and Josh Groban. In 2019, she directed a short documentary, Mr. Ewing for Amazon Fire TV. This film was about a 99-year-old English Teacher and WWII Veteran. Gabrielle has even had experience within Hip Hop Culture while interning with the Media Brand, Complex. During her time at Complex, she was able to work with musical artists like Lana Del Ray and rapper, The Game. She’s interned with other notable companies like Ava Duvernay’s ARRAY and Scooter Braun Projects.

At such an early age, the Gorman sisters have already achieved a plethora of accomplishments. Keep your eyes on these young Queens as it is no doubt, they will continue to be luminous beacons for years to come. They are both evidence that this 2020’s decade will be all about highlighting the greatness in our Queens. In fact, scroll down to the comments section below, and tell Konkret Comics about the heroic Queens in your lives. We look forward to hearing from you. As always, Keep it Konkret!


J.E. Tyler is the author and poet of five published books. For more from this writer, please check him out at


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