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Akolyte "OutBreak" pt 1 MINI

Just a normal day in Sapphire City, or so it seems. Watch how one small mistake turns catastrophic in a heartbeat. Fighting to not only save his city but the world as well, Akolyte must battle an enemy unlike any he’s ever faced before. Will Akolyte have what it takes to save everything he holds dear?  Or will he be a casualty of “Outbreak” Part One?

Akolyte COVER .jpg

Christmas. The season of gift giving. Where family and friends come together to celebrate their love for each other. This year is different. This year, Hell wants to bring a few gifts of its own. It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice, you have no choice, you’re getting it anyway. At last, this Christmas... the truth about some myths shall be revealed. Welcome to a season where the cold is invited and the heat from Hell will find its place. Embrace your Hellish Winter.
Also.......  The first official teaser for Justice, a forthcoming series from Wingless Entertainment and Konkret Comics. In order to save Heaven, he’ll have to go through Hell.

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Odina " Tricked or be treated"

Follow this epic mini story, as Odina comes face to face with an unlikely foe