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Akolyte & Odina (Down in the DM)

With love in the air, Akolyte decided to take a trip out of town to help a friend in need. What could possibly go wrong?

Andy StarBoy (Show Time)

Step into the world of a reality star, who wouldn't want to be to live the life of a celebrity? This might change your mind!


The Watchman #0 (Night Watch PT 1) "Preview"

Created by Lyle Ringold

This series follows Tevin on his nightly patrols as The Watchman as he tries his best to keep this city safe at all cost, even if that means losing a piece of his humanity in the process. Will The Watchman stay vigilant or will he let the fool’s gold corrupt his judgement, morality, and ethical code.


ADZE (Preview)

Created by Jermael Lessey

For centuries the Adze have been fighting in the shadows to free black people all over the world. Their fight will be over once their people are free; not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. We are Adze.

United we stand, united we fight, united we live!


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