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 January 2024

What is Konkret Comics?

Konkret Comics is a 5x Award Winning Publishing Company launched in 2019 by creator and writer Derek 'Lonzo Starr' Allen. Konkret Comics is a collective of artists, creators, and writers with a passion to create stories through a diverse lens that appeals to all audiences of all ages. There is a lack of diversity in the comic book industry and Konkret Comics plans to fill that void. We strive to break boundaries and stereotypes, giving a voice to creators from diverse backgrounds and telling our own stories.



What is Project M.Y.S.T

Project M.Y.S.T (Making Yesterday safer today), is an imprint of Konkret Comics founded by Derek "Lonzo Starr" Allen. Project M.Y.S.T creates and produces educational and social awareness based content, blending entertainment and education to combat social stigmas and empower our youth.



What is K-Way High?

This comic book series is dedicated to fostering social awareness and challenging stigmas. Through compelling narratives and powerful character representation, we create visually captivating stories that break down barriers surrounding mental well-being , while also promoting greater empathy in a way that resonates with our readers.

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