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This Odina piece was hand delivered by the extremely talented Manuel Cocles aka LunaOne. Get familiar and follow him on Instagram: @Lunaone001



Konkret Comics has returned to bring you all the titles you love. Below are the link(s) for your Digital rewards. Welcome to the Konkret Universe and always remember... #KeepItKonkret


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The creators of Konkret Comics recently had a heated round table debate, in regards to coming up with Konkret Comics TOP 10 MCU moments. Well the answers are in.Check out our final list below. Do you agree with the team, or have we lost our damn minds? Let us know. Check out the LIVE debate hosted by King Curt of "Head Nerds in Charge", with special guest James " Grand Master Faqs" Boyce of @ThePartyNerdz https://youtu.be/ncRtA2iHicg


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