Our campaign is officially over!!! At 281 backers, you helped us reach $12,491. We are so grateful for your massive support, and we want to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who was rocking with us throughout the entire campaign. The love was real! Those of you who continuously shared the link, gave us interviews, and shared laughs with us on our ridiculous, troll-infused live streams on Instagram. We love you, and we have SO MUCH to announce and share with you guys in the near future.

Konkret Comics has returned to Kickstarter, bringing you all the stories that you love! Akolyte, Odina and Absolver are back with their highly anticipated issue 2's, new installments of their epic series. But, as you know, Konkret Comics is always bringing new additions to our ever-growing Universe, and this year is no different. We will also be introducing the world to Andy Starboy, a brand new series from the multi-talented creator and writer, Daniel D. Calvo! This Kickstarter is full of EXCLUSIVE content that will ONLY be available to our backers, including covers by the great Eder Messias. With a new campaign full of exclusive content, covers, posters and t-shirts, we are here to set the bar high and Keep it Konkret!!!


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