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How to Submit Work to Konkret Comics


 First of all, thank you very much for your interest in submitting your work to us! Here at Konkret Comics we are always looking for new content and creators to work with.

 All emails sent to us must have the title KONKRET COMICS SUBMISSION, with a PDF document attached with all the following indications, and a cover letter with the creative team’s names, job, and past work experience if relevant.

 We will make an effort to answer all emails received, but due to the large amount of submissions it will take one month for you to receive feedback from us. If we do not write back past that time, we most likely do not have a use for your talents at this moment. Art and color submissions will be filed and kept into account for future projects.

 By submitting to Konkret Comics, you are acknowledging that you are the intellectual owner of the work. Since all material published by us is creator-owned, you can rest assured that your work will remain yours.

 All submissions must be done in English.

 Konkret Comics will NOT review any submitted material that doesn’t follow the established guidelines.

All submissions must be sent to


- LOGLINE: A one or two sentence summary of the book. Something like “a robot goes back to the past to murder the mother of the future resistance’s leader.” A comparison with Hollywood or other published works might help, like “Saga meets Captain America.”

- SUMMARY: A one-page summary of your story. Don't hold anything back, we need to know the story you want to publish with us with all its twists and turns.

- AUDIENCE: Your intended audience. Please consider that a comic will never appeal to "everybody." Let us know who your ideal reader is, what sector of the population. Also, the tone of the story, the amount of pages in the book, issues, etc.

- PREVIEW: At least 5 finished script pages. They must be in comic-script format, Konkret Comics will not review screenplays. You can find great references of a comic-book script format in this link


- At least 5 pages of finished sequential art pages (comic pages).

- Art samples shall be submitted as attachments in the email in JPEG or TIFF format.

- 300 dpi

- Color CMYK 16 bits

- You can use this template as a reference

-Sending pinups or cover art is optional, however we are primarily seeking artists for comic pages. You can send up to 3 illustrations that are not sequential art.


-At least 5 pages of fully colored sequential art pages (comic pages) and an uncolored version of those same pages so we can see your coloring process and ability.

- Art samples shall be submitted as attachments in the email in JPEG or TIFF format.

- 600 dpi

- Color CMYK 16 bits

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions! Good luck and remember as always,



Konkret Comics LLC

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