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Son of a Supreme

In a solar system far from his own, Demetri Price finds himself face to face with destiny.

He must accept the inevitable and embrace the power within, in order to protect the people he loves.

Does Demetri have the courage to become The Akolyte, Guardian of the Cosmos?

"Men die, legends don't.  This is the Legend of Akolyte."

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Omni Strike

After the dismantling of the SS Program, due to infiltration by an unknown criminal organization, the remaining soldiers of the SS Program are being hunted.
In desperation to regain control and bring order to chaos, a secret team has been reformed.  Among these remaining soldiers, Odina Troussard, the highly decorated agent has returned.
After taking a brief hiatus and getting used to a so-called "normal life," can Odina bounce back and rejoin the fight?  Can she live the life she dreads most, the life of a super hero?  Follow Odina as she faces the demons of her past, while battling for her future.
On this journey only one thing is certain, she's going to have to give it all she's got!

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Heaven and Hell have been equally matched in a relentless battle since The Division.

True believers feel that Heaven has already won.

Hell is out to prove them wrong.

The unknown, the one who dwelled in their shadows; The Oblivion may have finally received their champion.

Welcome to Absolver.

"I am not the Alpha or Omega.  I am the beginning or your end.  I am the Lord of the Impasse."




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Akolyte #1 Son of a Supreme

Odina #1 Omni Strike

Absolver #1 Arrival